Can`t see – by Johanna Christ

Gedicht vom März 2018. Geschrieben hat es meine Enkelin Johanna kurz vor ihrem 16. Geburtstag.

Can’t see

… you don’t know me.

And you don’t see me.

But – if you did –

would you fall in love with me?


Would you look into an unique face

and memorize it?

Or would you just see my slightly crooked jaw

and turn away?

Would you look into my eyes

and sink into their blueness?

Or would your eyes never meet mine?

Would you just look at my weird eyebrows?

Would I seem arrogant

or intelligent?

Would you adore the way I laugh?

Or would you experience me as cold?


Would I be special to you?

Would you see my imperfections

and appreciate every single one of them?

Or would you see them as repellant?

How would you feel when I looked at you?

Would you stomach drop?

Your heart beat fast?


Could you love me?

Could I make you feel at home?

Maybe we’ll never know.

Maybe you won’t ever look at me.

You won’t ever know me.


Maybe I don’t want you to.

Maybe I don’t need to know.


Don’t open your eyes.

Keep them closed.


copyright by Johanna Christ


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